The Great Eye

Hudson Architects , Cley next the Sea, 2012


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The Great Eye from ground level 

Raven Cozens-Hardy (website)     Download Original

  • The Great Eye from ground level    
  • The Great Eye    
  • The Great Eye from a distance    
  • The Great Eye close up    
  • The Great Eye camera obscura image    
  • The Great Eye from above    
  • The Great Eye camera obscura    
  • The Great Eye across the cornfield    
  • Plans    
  • Plans    
  • Section    
  • Base supports    
  • Prefabricated components    
  • Detail    

Outdoor art installation built for the Cley 12 Aisle and Air visual arts festival

Mirror-clad angled supports form the base, above which a reed-clad tower rises to 7.5 metres. Inside the tower, a camera obscura casts an image of the surrounding landscape onto the ceiling.

Reeds were chosen to blend with the surrounding vegetation and suggest a primitive appearance from close-up. From a distance, the mirrors reflect the sky and the tower appears to float - creating an ambiguous relationship with the ground. We were interested in the memory of lost coastal buildings, and sought to demonstrate the shifting nature of the Norfolk coastal landscape.

Designed to reference Norfolk’s coastal churches the tower appears alongside the sturdy tower of Cley Church, serving as a reminder that the church and its surroundings is not immune to the forces of nature.


  • Begun: Jun 2012
  • Completed: Jul 2012
  • Floor area: 3m2
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £10,000
  • Procurement: In-house commission
  • Address: near Cley Church, Cley next the Sea, NR25 7SA, United Kingdom

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