40-48 Fashion Street

Buckley Gray Yeoman, Tower Hamlets, London, 2010


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  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Third floor plan    
  • Roof plan    
  • Section A-A     
  • Section D-D    
  • Front elevation    
  • Rear elevation    

Office building that has been created behind the existing Grade II-listed section of the old Moorish Market

The four storey extension sits behind the existing two storey building and is separated from the old market by an internal street, which is bridged at the upper levels. The two lift core are separate from the main structure and sit in this connecting space..

The building is wrapped in Corten, providing depth and layering to the facade. The wrap is made up of openable louvres that provide solar shading and animate the facade.


  • Begun: Jun 2006
  • Completed: Jun 2010
  • Floor area: 3,084m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Total cost: £3.5M
  • Procurement: Design and Build
  • Address: 40-48 Fashion Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E1 6PX, United Kingdom

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