Kaufman Penthouse

Simon Conder Associates, London, 2000


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View of dining area 

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  • View of dining area    
  • View of living space and internal pods    
  • View of living area    
  • View of shower pod    
  • View towards living area    
  • View of roof terrace    
  • View of roof terrace    
  • Lower level plan    
  • Upper level plan    
  • Axonometric    

Conversion of a two storey, penthouse shell space in a 19th century warehouse building in north London

Given the limited space available the key design decision was not to sub-divide the space into separate rooms but to retain it as one space with a staircase and gallery inserted at the upper level to give access to the roof terrace and create a sleeping area.

The main space was defined by three free-standing elements, a stainless kitchen and two transluscent glass drums. One of these drums contains a shower and the other a toilet and basin. Both are naturally lit during the day through transluscent glass rooflights and at night the lit drums themselves provide the main light source for the space.

Both sides of the main space are lined with storage walls, which in addition to providing a range of storage solutions (kitchen, bathroom, clothes, books, CDs, etc) also incorporate the services, a fold-down double bed for visitors and a second more private toilet.

The gallery level is approached by a simple oak stair cantilevered from the storage wall and a transluscent glass bridge.


  • Completed: 2000
  • Floor area: 120m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £122,000
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Building Works
  • Address: West End, London, N1, United Kingdom

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