Tarlungeni Playground

Volunteer Studio, Romania, 2011


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Tyre swing 

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A community playground in a segregated Roma settlement

In July 2010 the Romanian charity FAST asked Part 1 graduates Huan Rimington and Hannah Martin to develop proposals for an area of land along the riverside of Tarlungeni Roma settlement. This space, where local children played, was covered in waste because of inadequate sanitation.

Tarlungeni Open Space Project was formed in August 2010 and has since been working with local residents to lead settlement improvements which include establishing a waste collection scheme. Tarlungeni Playground is the culmination of this project.

The playground’s design is the outcome of a series of creative workshops with local children involving lively discussions, collages and modelling. The scheme creates a highly stimulating, but safe space for children who are far more independent and adventurous than their British counterparts. The playground’s composition reflects a preference for distinct forms over more abstract structures.

The playground was constructed by Roma builders and local and UK volunteers, including 17 students from 5 UK institutions. The primary material was timber, sourced locally and transported to site by horse and cart.


The project has faced municipal indifference, reneged partnerships and an unwillingness from contractors to supply services; Roma intolerance is a very real issue.

From the beginning the proposal for a playground was a high risk; it was feared it was not possible for a communal facility to exist in a Roma village. However our experience highlights the potential of engaging with an otherwise excluded group; the playground has become part of the settlement and a cornerstone for a growing sense of pride and hope.


  • Begun: Jul 2011
  • Completed: 2011
  • Floor area: 270m2
  • Total cost: £12,000
  • Procurement: Practice built
  • Address: Riverside, Brasov County, Tarlungeni Roma Village, Tarlungeni, Brasov County, Romania, Romania