Bold Tendencies Project Base, Hannah Barry Gallery

Kingston University Kingston School of Art, London, 2011


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David Grandorge     Download Original

  • Site plan    
  • Plan    
  • Section A-A    
  • Section C-C    
  • Initial sketch    
  • Model    
  • Detail - cementboard    

Project Base for use by gallery as home for Bold Tendencies art festival

Led and supervised by Andrew Budd, a group of post graduate students from the school of architecture have designed and built a two storey structure in response to an invitation by the Hannah Barry Gallery to make proposals for a year round home for their acclaimed Bold Tendencies art festival, which is sited in a multi-storey car park in central Peckham.

The proposal provides an infrastructure of clean, secure and functional spaces, which support the range of activities that the event requires. Situated within an old furniture store that is now used as gallery space the Project Base is articulated as a building within a building, a room within a room; a simply detailed timber construction clad in unfinished cement board and topped by a lantern that both responds to the existing buildings form and offers a particular interior character.

Built on site over a period of three weeks the project offered the students an opportunity to appreciate the importance of building and making as the final expression of the architects intent.

Module Leader - Andrew Budd

Students - Peter von Essen, Peter Chan, Lisa Gould, Hayder Hatem, Vaida Morkunaite, Taulant Toci, Akash Savani, Hawar Sagalo, Thomas Whittaker, James Taylor


  • Begun: Jun 2011
  • Completed: Jun 2011
  • Floor area: 19m2
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £7,500
  • Funding: Private
  • Procurement: Bespoke
  • Address: Hannah Barry Gallery, Unit 91 Copeland Road Industrial Estate , 133 Copeland Road , London, SE15 3SN, United Kingdom

Professional Team