Channel 4 Headquarters

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London, 1994


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Horseferry road facade and lift tower 

Martin Charles     Download Original

  • Horseferry road facade and lift tower    
  • South end of Horseferry Road elevation    
  • Garden side elevation and children    
  • Curved terrace of the restaurant    
  • Director    
  • Internal view of gallery walkways and glazed entrance wall    
  • Horseferry road elevation at night    
  • Steel assembly transfers load back to the main structure    
  • Top of atrium, where the glass wall and roof are suspended by spring fixings    
  • Top of escape stair viewed from the atrium    
  • Looking up from the gathering area outside the preview theatre    
  • View from the atrium galleries    
  • Internal view of production studio    
  • Internal view of studio and camera man    
  • Internal view of studio space    
  • Internal view of monitoring studio    
  • Internal view of restaurant     
  • Internal view of curved restaurant looking on to gardens    
  • Internal view of restaurant and curved glazed wall    
  • internal view of executive meeting rooms    
  • Entrance bridge and hovering canopy    
  • View from the catwalk looking down on the entrance    
  • Internal view of entrance foyer    
  • Internal view of the entrance foyer with views out to the garden    
  • Channel 4 chairman Michael Grade    
  • Location plan    
  • Site plan    
  • First basement floor plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Typical office floor plan    
  • Section through garden and atrium    
  • North facing cladding    
  • Site concept diagram    
  • Building reinforcing urban pattern diagram    
  • Housing aspect diagram    
  • Entrance and communal heart diagram    
  • Constructing the cable net to recieve the glass wall    
  • Lift shafts nearing completion and external cladding    
  • Gardenside elevation showing the curved cladding panels    
  • Internal view of glazed entrance wall    
  • Steel framework supporting the glass wall    
  • Internal view of office space with glazed partitions    
  • Construction begins    
  • Entrance facade showing the     
  • Stair plan    
  • Section through stair    
  • Cut-away isometric of stone stair    
  • Detail of bracket fixing    
  • Detail of stainless steel casting    
  • Vertical section through cladding    
  • Horizontal section through cladding    
  • Cladding detail    
  • Cladding detail    
  • Detail of cladding and glazing    

Purpose-built television station containing broadcasting studios, theatre, and support space, designed to house 500 staff

The Channel 4 headquarters building occupies a prominent corner plot near Victoria Station, and comprises 15,000m2 of headquarters, broadcasting suites plus a studio, an underground car park and a landscaped garden square.

The building, clad in pewter-coated powder-grey aluminium and glass, occupies the northern and western sides of the site. The two four-storey wings containing office space are arranged in an L-shape, addressing the corner of the street with a curved connecting space framed by two 'satellite towers'.

To the left of the entrance are four conference rooms stacked one on top of the other, and to the right lifts, boiler flues, and chiller plant, topped by transmission antennae.

The entrance, through a concave suspended glazed wall, is the predominant feature of the scheme. A stepped ramp leads from the street over a glass bridge spanning the roof-light of the foyer/cinema complex below. Beyond the reception area, a restaurant fills the curve with views over the garden. A sweeping roof-top terrace extends from the top-level board room.


  • Begun: May 1992
  • Completed: 1994
  • Floor area: 15,000m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Total cost: £35M
  • Tender date: Sep 1991
  • Procurement: JCT 1987 Management Contract (Amended)
  • Address: 124-126 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX, United Kingdom

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