4 Orchardhead Road, Edinburgh

Rochmankowski Architecture Design, Edinburgh, 2011


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  • Exterior    
  • Garden    
  • Exterior    
  • Exterior    
  • Exterior    
  • Living area    
  • Dining area    
  • Dining area    
  • Kitchen    
  • Kitchen    
  • Fresh Lobster    
  • Night    
  • Night    
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  • Night    
  • Night    
  • Plan    
  • plan showing gardens    
  • Section A    
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  • Elevation A    
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  • Detail A    
  • Detail B    

Alterations to dwelling with Green-Oak extension, steel roof and ‘lift/slide’ glazed screens, forming open-plan accommodation designed to minimise impact upon garden, maximise connection with exterior.

Limited by a small but well established garden, the challenge lay in designing an extension which did not result in dark internal rooms, minimised its impact upon the garden and enhanced the ‘inside/outside’ experience.

The main device for achieving these objectives is the profile of the roof, which dips at the front and rear. This enables the formation of a clerestory window to the existing house, retaining the qualities of the original light filled room. From above, this profile minimises the view of the roof whilst maximising the view of the garden.

With a green-oak structure, two elevations are formed in glazed timber screens with sliding-doors at each corner. The third elevation, adjacent to the boundary, is timber framed and clad with random sized oak battens.

The focus of the space is along the long garden diagonal and is reassuringly contained at night by the curvature of the roof.


  • Begun: Sep 2010
  • Completed: May 2011
  • Floor area: 47m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £100,000
  • Funding: Private client
  • Tender date: Jul 2010
  • Procurement: Exchange of letters
  • Address: 4 Orchardhead Road, Edinburgh, EH16 6HL, United Kingdom

Professional Team