Sully Tuberculosis Hospital

William A. Pite, Son and Fairweather Architects, Sully, 1936


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Entrance front 

Dell and Wainwright     Download Original

  • Entrance front    
  • Side elevation    
  • Panoramic view from the south    
  • Patients    
  • Isolated post morterm block    
  • Nurses    
  • East view of ward block    
  • Nurses    
  • Main entrance hall    
  • Interior view of operating theatre    
  • Ward interior    
  • Kitchen view    
  • Library    
  • Site plan    
  • Nurses    
  • Central block ground floor plan    
  • Ward block ground floor plan    
  • Longitudinal section    
  • Model    

Compact group of three separately planned blocks providing accommodation for 300 patients in six identical ward units of 50 beds each

The first building to be approached from the road is the nurses' four storey block. It contains bedrooms for 120 nurses, a library, lecture and demonstration rooms as well as other common rooms.

The central block contains the administrative offices, staff dining rooms and all central services set around a squared court. The medical staff quarters are found on the upper floors.

The three storey ward block has two identical wings, with men housed in the east wing and women in the west. An axial corridor runs along the centre of each floor to provide access. The services rooms, are northwest facing, and the wards, single-bed cubicles, patients’ dining rooms and recreation rooms, are southeast facing.

The stepped-back windows of the wards provide alternative ventilation sliding wide open onto a terrace at ground floor level, and onto narrow promenade balconies on the upper floors. On the roof there is a nurses’ sickbay that overlooks the sea.

The construction of the buildings is in mass walling except for the ward blocks, which are steel framed with brick-panel walls. Floors and roofs throughout are hollow tile and concrete, and internal walls in the ward block are of hollow partition blocks.


  • Begun: 1932
  • Completed: 1936
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Address: Hayes Point, Hayes Road, The Vale of Glamorgan, Sully, CF64 5QF, United Kingdom