Women's Hostel at Wye College

Richard Sheppard, Kent, 1950


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The west study-bedroom wing from the south, built as part of stage 1 

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  • The west study-bedroom wing from the south, built as part of stage 1    
  • The main entrance in the north-west study-bedroom wing, built as part of stage 2    
  • The main entrance, showing the cantilevered canopy and balconies to the student    
  • Entrance hall    
  • Main staircase and entrance hall designed to serve also as foyer to the assembly hall    
  • Entrance hall and main staircase    
  • The foyer to the assembly hall    
  • Enquiry desk in the main entrance hall    
  • Single study bedroom    
  • Site plan     
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan     
  • Second floor plan    

Residence built for one hundred women students and teaching staff including a library, assembly hall, and staff, music, quiet and reading rooms

Each private room was designed to provide students with a space for study, and to socialise with other students. There are three types of bed-siting rooms: small rooms of 11m2, larger rooms which include more space for storage, and two rooms with a bathroom to be shared within each flat.

On each floor there are several small common rooms, for use as committee rooms or social use, and a small number of kitchens.

The cross walls of the building are load bearing brick and concrete blocks supporting the hollow tile floor slabs. The concrete blocks are carried into the roof to support the precast concrete purlins of the pitched roofs.

The external walls are sand-face bricks, and the entrance is faced with Clipsham stone. The boxed out window frames are precast concrete and the window frames are timber painted white.

The entrance lounge hall consists of plaster on walls, celling and columns have been left with the natural wood rough finish. The floor is medium cork colour, and the windows, doors and staircase handrail are in mahogany waxed polished.


  • Completed: 1950
  • Sectors: Residential, Education
  • Address: Wye College, High Street, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom

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