The Cunard Building

William Edward Willink , Philip Coldwell Thicknesse, Liverpool, 1917


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Exterior view 

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  • Exterior view    
  • Building in context    
  • Detail of east facade    
  • Detail of main entrance    
  • Arni alto marble screen at entrance to main office    
  • Entrance to general manager    
  • Main hall, looking north    
  • West hall, looking north    
  • Long gallery on fifth floor    
  • Public space in general office    
  • Corner of general office    
  • Board room    
  • Manager    
  • Directors    
  • Saloon passenger department    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Fifth floor plan    
  • Cross section through main corridor    
  • Longitudinal section    

Office block on a prominent site on George's Dock to house the Cunard Steamship headquarters

The six story block is a grade II listed building, influenced by the grandeur characteristics of the late 19th century commercial buildings in America and Renaissance Italy. Part of the "three graces" the office is located on the river front in Liverpool and situated between the Port of Liverpool and the Liver Building.

As the Liverpool City Council failed to ensure regularities in style or scale, there is a lack of symmetry between the three predominant buildings occupying George's Dock.

The frame is made with reinforced concrete and the building is clad in Portland stone. Marble was imported from Italy and Greece to furnish several areas of the interior. There are two sculptures at either side of the building's exterior depicting different races and british allies in the world war, symbolising the company's globalisation.


  • Begun: 1914
  • Completed: 1917
  • Floor area: 25,000m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Address: Water Street, Merseyside, Liverpool, L3 1ES, United Kingdom

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