Midland Adelphi Hotel

R. Frank Atkinson, Liverpool, 1914


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Front facade to Ranelagh Place 

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  • Front facade to Ranelagh Place    
  • Detail of facade    
  • Portion of facade to Brownlow Hill with temporary entrance    
  • Entrance hall    
  • Covered central court    
  • French restaurant    
  • Corridor    
  • Fountain court    
  • Hypostyle hall    
  • Lift enclosure and stairs    
  • Sefton room    
  • View in terrace around fountain court    
  • Private sitting room    
  • Private dining room    
  • Private bathroom    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Mezzanine entrance plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Longitudinal section AA    
  • Elevation to Ranelagh Place    
  • Elevation to Copperas Hill    
  • Project for the new Adelphi Hotel    

Liverpool's largest hotel, incorporating a French restaurant, a hypostyle hall, two central courts and accommodation in the form of suites

The hotel consists principally of two adjoining blocks built one after the other. The rear block was the first to be completed in 1912. Temporary alterations were set in place to allow the hotel to function until phase two, the front block, was completed in 1914.

The triangular site in Liverpool has been trimmed by the orthogonal footprint of the hotel in plan, which is designed around a simple modular grid system. The 4.4m square units simplify the scheme internally, but also facilitate the steel frame construction. The 35m high facade is clad in Portland stone, most of which is flat with some carving at first-floor level and an open colonnade between the third and fourth floors.

There is a change in street level at the front entrance of the hotel along Ranelagh Place, and the rear entrance which is at the top of Brownlow Hill. This is remedied in section by way of intermittent steps, separating the larger internal spaces.

Each of the two main building elements conceals a court within; the large covered central court which can be accessed from the main reception, the dining room, and the French restaurant, and the external fountain court which is surrounded by a terrace. The hypostyle hall separates the two. The rooms are located on the floors above and are arranged mostly in suites, consisting of a sitting room, a bathroom and a bedroom grouped around a central lobby.


  • Completed: 1914
  • Floor area: 3,825m2
  • Sector: Hotel
  • Address: Ranelagh Place, Liverpool, L3 5UL, United Kingdom

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