St Joseph's Primary School Foundation Unit

Pie , London, 2010


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New Foundation entrance extension and new classroom extension beyond 

David Grandorge     Download Original

  • New Foundation entrance extension and new classroom extension beyond    
  • New classroom extension    
  • Washed concrete surfaces linking the two extensions    
  • Washed concrete bench and Foundation entrance    
  • Nursery playground boarded fence, with planters, seating and platforms    
  • In-situ cast concrete extension    
  • Purpose made washed concrete water butt    
  • Board marked external surface    
  • Foundation entrance interior with hatch to kitchen    
  • Inside new classroom extension looking towards the foundation extension    
  • Nursery stage with stage door    
  • Kinked birch ply and sundeala board drawing wall    
  • Foundation entrance interior with child height windows and bench    
  • Nursery interior    
  • Nursery play furniture    
  • Furniture within the school    
  • Nursery canopy with astroturf ground surface    
  • School plan    
  • Nursey plan    
  • Classroom plan    
  • Classroom extension section A-A    
  • Classroom extension elevation 2    
  • Classroom extension elevation 3    
  • Classroom extension elevation 4    
  • Foundation extension plan    
  • Foundation extension section A-A and B-B    
  • Foundation extension elevation 2    
  • Foundation extension elevation 3    
  • Foundation extension elevation 4    
  • Strategy drawing    
  • Wall and roof junction detail    

Relocation of a nursery school into the existing school building

New foundation entrance extension, a new classroom extension, the refurbishment of existing teaching spaces to accommodate the new nursery, and the provision of new external play spaces.

The existing 1970s school building has a concrete frame faced with precast concrete panels, with a vertical bush hammered finish. The new extensions are of double skinned in-situ concrete construction.

Externally the concrete has a board marked finish, resulting from varying widths of douglas-fir board, and the existing concrete cladding. Internally the concrete has a smooth matt finish, and the glazed roofs and generous child height openings provide a light interior.


  • Begun: Jul 2010
  • Completed: Oct 2010
  • Floor area: 324m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Total cost: £240,000
  • Procurement: JCT Intermediate
  • Address: St. Joseph's Primary School, London, N19 5NE, United Kingdom

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