Greyfriars Surgery

Moving Architecture, Hereford, 2010


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South Elevation 

Ioana Marinescu (website)     Download Original

  • South Elevation    
  • Short South Elevation    
  • North East Corner    
  • Cathedral View    
  • South East Corner    
  • Short Grain South Elevation    
  • Light Well    
  • Interior    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Floor plans    
  • Long Section    
  • Short Section    
  • South Elevation    
  • South Elevation    
  • Axonometric    
  • Medieval wall and Taylor    
  • House and outbuildings map    
  • First extention    
  • Doctors house with dispensary    
  • Concept sketch    
  • Third extension    
  • 1997 extension    
  • 1997 extension    
  • Sitting on the ground lightly    
  • Prefabrication lifting in    
  • 1997 extension axonmetric    
  • Proposed extension 2009    
  • Existing first floor space    
  • Oak material    
  • Arrival of the Hereford Ring Road    

Extension and refurbishment to a Victorian surgery that blends the building's medieval roots with modern facilities

The starting point for this extension to the Grade II listed Greyfriars Surgery is the medieval city wall of Hereford. The original Surgery was built into the city wall in Victorian times, then isolated by the 20th century ring road. The building has grown organically with a number of extensions, the last one sitting on top of the boundary wall facing the cars on Greyfriars Bridge.

The lightweight timber structure provides two new teaching rooms and improved facilities, presenting a modern medieval healing interpretation. The materiality of the new extension reflects its history with roughly sawn oak cladding containing the window and ventilation slots, and lead and zinc flashing.


  • Begun: Dec 2009
  • Completed: 2010
  • Floor area: 72m2
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Total cost: £175,000
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Works
  • Address: Greyfriars Surgery, 25 St Nicholas Street, Hereford, HR4 0BH, United Kingdom

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