The Waldron

Henley Halebrown Rorrison, London, 2010


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View from Square 

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  • View from Square    
  • View from Allotment    
  • View from Square    
  • View from New Cross Station    
  • Internal Courtyard    
  • Reception    
  • South Cloister    
  • Central Hall    
  • Stair Detail    
  • Stair Detail    
  • Courtyard Garden    
  • Exterior Detail    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Third floor plan    
  • Roof plan    
  • Section A-A    
  • Section B-B    
  • Section C-C    
  • North elevation    
  • East elevation    
  • South elevation    
  • West elevation    
  • Existing site plan    
  • Organisation Strategy    
  • Patient Journey    
  • Phasing Diagram    
  • Circulation Diagram    
  • Tenancy Diagram    
  • Functional USe Diagram    
  • Structural Layout    
  • Modular Room Sizes    
  • Isometric    
  • Isometric    
  • Isometric    
  • Isometric    
  • Isometric Etching    
  • Etching Section    
  • Model    
  • Model    
  • Model    
  • Model    
  • Model    

Timber clad health centre and retail development creating a new civic square in Lewisham

The 6,029m2 health centre comprising of four GP practices, ante/post-natal care, community dentistry, sexual health and a flexible suite is organised around two courtyard gardens and a large foyer.

Clinical suites are arranged in two wings- one north, one south around a central 5-storey foyer. The architects generated the plan by considering the journey of the patient from entrance foyer to clinical room through five types of spaces.

The z-shaped building frames two contrasting spaces, the existing allotments to the south east and the new square to the north west. The development is bounded by streets on three sides and sits on the western end of a pedestrian route that links local amenities.

The concrete framed health centre is clad in a veneered rainscreen, which gives it a cherry wood colour. Bronze-anodised windows are variously proud, flush and recessed.

The square and west façade are framed by a canopy, concrete arcade and screen, which provide a counterpoint in scale and material to the building mass. On the canopy are storey high graphics reading: WALDRON, HEALTH and CENTRE. Seen together they constitute a sign, but seen apart they become part of the composition of each elevation and help form the character of the whole development.


  • Begun: Jan 2006
  • Completed: 2010
  • Floor area: 6,029m2
  • Sectors: Healthcare, Public realm
  • Total cost: £13.4M
  • Funding: Building Better Health, Lambeth Southwark & Lewisham PCT
  • Procurement: Design and Build
  • Address: Waldron Health Centre, Stanley Street, London, SE8 4BG, United Kingdom

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