Amenity Space, London, 2010


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  • Site plan and isometric drawing    
  • Cross section through swimming pool and railway arches    
  • Elevation to end box    
  • Before construction    
  • During construction    
  • The Team    
  • Working detail: Section through soffit fixing    
  • Working detail: End box and fixing    
  • Working detail: Panels    

An interactive light facade at Brixton Recreation Centre

Lightwave is fixed to the outside of the Recreation Centre to create a new dynamic facade. Part of the cladding system displays an 8m-tall Brixton sign to the public, creating a sense of place and arrival to this vibrant part of London.

At dusk, the sculpture comes alive and begins to interact with its audience as thousands of multicolour LED lights illuminate the piece, bathing the building in washes of colour influenced by the activities and movement of people within the centre.

When the swimming pool is busy, blues and greens splash playfully over the building while, during a 5-a-side football match in the sports hall, white streaks zip across a dynamic multicoloured background.

During the football World Cup, the audience could further influence the façade by sending text messages to the building to show support for their team in the World Cup. Fans would text the name of their country to the building and their nations colours would be patriotically displayed for the whole of Brixton to see.


  • Completed: Feb 2010
  • Total cost: £150,000
  • Procurement: Bespoke Local Authority contract won through competitive tender
  • Address: 27 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, London, SW9 8QQ, United Kingdom

Professional Team