Churchill College

Sheppard Robson, Cambridge, 1968


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Masters lodgings (left) and guest wing (right) 

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  • Masters lodgings (left) and guest wing (right)    
  • View from junior combination room    
  • Shell tooped dining hall    
  • External view    
  • Administration wing    
  • Rugged informality of residential block    
  • Outside corner of residential block    
  • Junction of a two and  three storey block    
  • Entrance axis - the heart of the college    
  • Dining hall    
  • Precast mullions    
  • Site plan    
  • Residential building ground floor plan    
  • Residential building first floor plan    
  • Residential building second floor plan    
  • Fellows flats first floor plan    
  • Fellows flats ground floor plan    
  • Masters    
  • Masters    
  • Section through residential block    
  • Sections through dining-hall cloister and offices    
  • Deail through projecting window in residential block    
  • Detail sections through bay windows    
  • Detail plan of typical bay window    

Named in honour of Winston Churchill, this college scheme accommodates over five hundred students in a design that is along the lines of a traditional Cambridge college

The 42-acre site lies on the edge of Cambridge. The college buildings occupy roughly the eastern third of the site, with a block of twenty flats intended for short-term occupation by married post-graduates forming an isolated bastion in the north-west corner.

The basic pattern of the residential accommodation is a group of three three-storey courts, two large with a smaller one linking them; all with staircase access. The scheme has four of these groups of forming the perimeter buildings around a large informal campus in the centre of which will be a building containing the Wolfson memorial hall and Bracken and Bevin libraries.

The north-east corner of the perimeter is occupied by the main entrance, dining-hall and kitchens, combination rooms, services block, squash courts, Masters' lodgings and car and bicycle parking areas accessible from a private service road running along the northern boundary of the site.
ew materials are used - brown brick, concrete, teak and glass form the bulk, with copper trim used externally.


  • Begun: 1959
  • Completed: 1968
  • Floor area: 20,000m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Total cost: £5M
  • Address: Storey's Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS , United Kingdom

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