Cricket Pavilion at East Moseley

Basil Ward, Surrey, 1955


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The pavillion from below the viewing terrace 

Hugh de Burgh Galwey, Arphot     Download Original

  • The pavillion from below the viewing terrace    
  • The pavillion from the third field of play    
  • The balcony    
  • The rear of the pavillion    
  • The interior with its open timber roof    
  • Detail of the fireplace    
  • The terrace from inside    
  • The staircase    
  • Plan    
  • Section    

Single-storey cricket club with a balcony projecting over the terrace along its central portion

The pavilion stands to the north west of the site and consists of a 15m long main hall with a bar, kitchen, dressing rooms and an office. The building is predominantly constructed of timber and clad in brick.

The balcony is partly cantilevered, partly suspended from the ends of the roof trusses. It is reached by an outside stair from the terrace.The one-way pitch roof of the pavilion is carried forward to cover the balcony and to shade the terrace in front of it.

The interior has an open timber roof and large windows to give a clear view of play. The main hall, finished in Australian walnut and silver ash donated by the Government and people of Australia, is also designed for evening functions.


  • Completed: Jan 1955
  • Sector: Sports and leisure
  • Address: Graburn Way, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9AL, United Kingdom

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