St Ann's Court

Raymond McGrath, Chertsey, 1937


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The winter garden seen through the screen of the formal garden 

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  • The winter garden seen through the screen of the formal garden    
  • View from the south-west showing the house in its setting of landscaped garden with the old Temple of Friendship on the left, built in 1792    
  • View of the house from south west    
  • The north     
  • Aerial photo    
  • The southern aspect, living-room terrace and best bedroom balcony    
  • The old wistaria vine to which the new house was     
  • The terrazzo paved entrance hall which is reached by a flight of four steps from the higher level of the forecourt. There is a completely mirrored west wall which visually double this entrance space    
  • Living room with walnut panelling and flooring and columns sheathed with polished copper. The interior furnishings were designed by the architect in collaboration with Christopher Tunnard    
  • Staircase from first to second floor    
  • Main staircase hall. The balustrade has stainless steel balusters, cellulosed flat rails and a handrail of polished birch    
  • Tubular gate at the head of the spiral stair    
  • The roof terrace is paved with     
  • The roof terrace    
  • Site layout    
  • Grond floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Sketches of the previous house on the site, Regency House    
  • Sketch by architect    
  • Detail of the reinforced-concrete spiral stair to the roof-terrace    

Reinforced concrete drum-shaped house on the crest of a hill in twenty-five acres of old parkland, laid out in the eighteenth century in the north of Surrey

The house is round, sliced out like a cheese on the southern side. The circular floor plan focuses on the main space on each level.

The main entrance hall is reached by a flight of four steps from the higher level of the forecourt. On the ground floor dining, kitchen and study spaces centre around an expansive living room.

On the first floor small bedrooms and the maids quarter are spaced around the main bedroom. The top floor is a roof terrace with a large billiard room and study.

The structure of the house, winter garden and pool is in reinforced concrete. The shell of the house consists of three ring beams at each floor level with ten-inch columns spaced at regular intervals. The floor slabs are continuous. The concrete exterior is painted with silicate paint, whilst the reinforced concrete roofs are insulated with cock and asphalted with a further insulating finish of crushed spar.


  • Completed: 1937
  • Sector: House
  • Address: Hill House, St. Ann's Hill Road, Chertsey, KT16 9NW, United Kingdom

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