St Benedict's Church

Nicol and Nicol, Birmingham, 1911


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View from the south-east 

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  • View from the south-east    
  • View of great apse at east end    
  • View looking east down the nave    
  • The chapel, situated on the south side    
  • Ground floor plan    

Place of worship for the Church of England in Birmingham

The church has a Romanesque-style floor plan. This offers improved views of the altar from the nave, than would its gothic counterpart.

Aside from on the nave arcade, copings, and windows the architects avoided using excessive stone. Arches are made from specially sourced voussoir bricks, bright red in colour and sand-faced in texture.
The roof of the nave extends the spaciousness of the interior with a barrel-vaulted ceiling of pitch-pine. Its detail is minimal, with only the ribs decorated with vermillion patterns. The windows are designed to a smaller scale to prevent glaring sunlight entering the interior. They are glazed and patterned.

The altar is the focus of the project's interior. It is enshrined in a lofty semicircular apse, around which mosaic decoration is laid. The baptistry is situated at the opposite end.

The exterior is characterised by strong horizontal lines, formed from the brickwork. They used Black Country bricks, local to the area. Green inlaid tiles are incorporated on the dome, and in parts of the exterior, relieving the formality of the brickwork. The interior of the dome is secured with reinforced concrete.


  • Completed: 1911
  • Floor area: 41,415m2
  • Sector: Religious
  • Address: St Benedict's Church, 55 Hob Moor Rd, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 9AY, United Kingdom

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