Lord's Media Centre

Future Systems, London, 1999


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The Lord's Media Centre 

Richard Davies (website)     Download Original

  • The Lord    
  • A ‘friendly alien’ hovering above its neighbours    
  • The Centre overlooks the Lord    
  • Stairwells also provide access to the Compton and Edrich Stands    
  • The glass frontage is sharply angled downwards to prevent reflections dazzling the players    
  • The glazed facade provides a panoramic view out onto the pitches    
  • Test Match Special’s requested opening window    
  • Interior detail of the glazed facade    
  • The tiers of desks look out through inclined glass    
  • The mezzanine inside the Media Centre    
  • One of two hospitality areas within the Media Centre    
  • Site plan    
  • Plan    
  • Section    
  • Section    
  • Isometric    
  • Structure    
  • One of the 26 sections is fabricated    
  • Pre-cut and bent aluminium components are delivered to the shipyard    
  • Eleven roof elements are assembled together    
  • Detail of fabrication    
  • ‘Fairing’ and painting a section    
  • The ‘crash-deck’ and jig in place at 	Lords    
  • A section is delivered to site    
  • Erection in process    
  • The central section is completed    
  • The end sections are fitted    
  • Construction of the internal rib structure of the shell    
  • The Centre during a cricket match, 1998 season    

Updated and additional media facilities for English cricket's premier venue

The building is accessed via two concrete stair towers or by a lift. The towers have been left partially clad for cost reasons, and accommodate the bulky cabling that TV crews install and dismantle every match.

The stairwells also provide access to the Hopkins-designed Compton and Edrich Stands, which the Centre straddles. The Media Centre stands 15m in the air, with its top edge 21m above the ground.

One hundred and twenty writers can sit in the main space at four stepped tiers of desks. At each end of the main space is a hospitality box. To the rear is a bar and restaurant area with a large oval window giving views out on to the practice area and the buildings beyond.

Other rooms include WCs, a photographers’ room and a kitchen. Lockers are provided for journalists.

A mezzanine floor is accessed by two powder-blue spiral staircases at each end of the writers’ area. Disabled access is via a stairlift.

The architects decided that the building should be manufactured off-site, in a shipyard, from aluminium, using a semi-monocoque (ribbed) technique.


  • Begun: 1996
  • Completed: 1999
  • Floor area: 650m2
  • Sector: Sports and leisure
  • Total cost: £5.8M
  • Tender date: 1995
  • Address: Lord's Cricket Ground, Saint John's Wood Road, Paddington, London, NW8 8QN, United Kingdom

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