Montrose Place

GRID Architects, London, 2007


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Every luxury apartment has a balcony big enough for eight people at dinner 

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  • Every luxury apartment has a balcony big enough for eight people at dinner    
  • The building uses simple, high quality materials, and is based on a rigorously controlled modular grid    
  • Glazing and cladding detail    
  • Water garden at the heart of the scheme    
  • The garden wall on the south boundary, designed and built by Andy Goldsworthy    
  • Hammal manufactured large bespoke entrance gates made from oak and cast glass    
  • Elevation detail    
  • Open arcade connecting big street gates on either side of the site    
  • Interior    
  • Kitchen in luxury apartment    
  • Kitchen in luxury apartment    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Montrose Place Sectional Elevation through Block B    
  • Montrose Place Courtyard elevation    
  • Montrose Place elevation    
  • Montrose Place Headfort Place elevation    
  • Montrose Place Halkin Gardens Elevation    
  • The building is an L-shaped block with a square water garden in the inner corner    
  • Courtyard view    
  • Cladding detail    
  • Sketch of stonework mock-up panel    
  • Palette of materials    
  • French limestone from Rocamat    
  • Andy Goldsworthy    
  • External fabric detail    
  • External fabric detail    
  • Detail    

Five-storey block of 15 luxury apartments and eight affordable-housing flats in Belgravia, London

The building is an L-shaped block with a square water garden in the inner corner. Along the inner side of the long north-south arm an open arcade connects large street gates on either side of the site.

The arcade was the key to acceptance of the scheme: it meant that every resident's entrance would be off the water garden, which is enclosed by a large garden wall designed by artist Andy Goldsworthy. The flats range in size and can be up to 400m2 in several cases.

The structure is reinforced concrete with thin post-tensioned slabs and minimal internal loadbearing walls. There is a great deal of loadbearing limestone walling, although cladding to the courtyard is mostly thin limestone rainscreen slabs. The affordable housing elevations are brick. Although some windows are in aluminium, most are made from European oak.

Services are designed to be invisible and silent – there are no visible access hatches, access to shower valves is via a pull-out soap dish and registers for comfort cooling in primary rooms are hidden in details.


  • Begun: Apr 2005
  • Completed: Aug 2007
  • Floor area: 8,325m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £31M
  • Procurement: JCT 98 without quantities
  • Address: Montrose Place, London, SW1X 7DU, United Kingdom

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