Palmerston House

Amin Taha Architects, London, 2007


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Glazing is used for the floor, walls and roof 

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  • Glazing is used for the floor, walls and roof    
  • The elegant glass floor and balustrade    
  • The glass staircase    
  • The terrace provides outstanding vistas across west London    
  • Close up of the stair treads    
  • The view from the ground    
  • Location plan    
  • Eighth floor plan    
  • Long and short section    
  • Stair tread details    

Refurbishment of the top two floors of an apartment block, linking them as one with a glass staircase, basking the floors with natural light

The brief was to connect the two apartments with a double height space and an extension at roof terrace level replacing an old conservatory. The two clients had previously lived on the top two floors before getting engaged, and wished to connect their apartments. Set on the seventh and eighth floors of the block, at the top of Camden Hill Road, the penthouse has 360 degree views across London.

The strategy was to bring as much light as possible into the lower floor and encourage a sense of spaciousness and connectivity between the floors. The new top floor extension and remodeled terrace aimed to enhance and frame the dramatic skyline views while also limiting excessive heat gain by a careful composition of solid to void.

The connection between the two apartments is achieved by cutting out a section of floor and inserting a cantilevered glass staircase and floor. Set above this is a large frameless sky light which allows light to flood deep into the centre of the lower floor.

Access for the works was also particularly challenging with all the primary glass and steel elements craned directly into place from the street below.


  • Completed: Mar 2007
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £210,000
  • Address: Palmerston House, Campden Hill Road, Notting Hill, London, W8 7PU, United Kingdom

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