Stonebridge Estate Phase I

Shepheard Epstein Hunter Architects, London, 2000


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Completion of phase I in 2000, of this low rise social housing development 

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  • Completion of phase I in 2000, of this low rise social housing development    
  • The deep-plan terrace makes sense in energy terms and front doors on the street encourage a sense of security    
  • Generous window openings contrast with the mean windows seen in so much housing wor    
  • Each house has its own back garden    
  • Timber panels are combined with red and blue brick, white render and steel roof coverings     
  • The     
  • Internal walls can be removed or inserted to reflect the changing needs of the residents    
  • Site plan    
  • House plan    
  • A system of fabricated modular facade panels (above) allows for different building type    
  • The ‘kit of parts’ system of modular panels allows for a variety of window types     
  • Phase II promises more adventurous architecture and a bolder approach to form    

First Phase of the 225 million urban regeneration development, to replace 1775 dilapidated flats for Brent council in Harlesdon

This development comprises a series of terrace and four storey houses all with gardens. The overall plan was phased to progressively demolish the tower blocks and re-house some 1500 families into new sustainable homes which they have helped to create. Residents could vote for their preference of the density of the accommodation.

All options proposed an arrangement of streets and public spaces, connected to the surrounding neighbourhood. In this first phase of the regeneration of Stonebridge streets are made up of terraces of houses with equal plot widths, allowing varying depths and heights and with blocks of flats (a maximum of four storeys high) on corners.

All the homes are designed as lifetime homes - easily adaptable in the future for different family size or disability while incorporating passive stack ventilation. Phase 1 was completed in 2000 and delivered 380 new dwellings.


  • Completed: 2000
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £71M
  • Funding: Trust Funding
  • Address: Stonebridge Estate, Harlesdon, London, NW10 8DY, United Kingdom

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