Amenity Space, Leeds, 2007


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Amenity Space     Download Original

  • Multiple reflections project coloured light into the courtyard    
  • The stained glass documents the work of engineers S. Pearson & Son    
  • The mirrored boxes also function as seating    
  • Courtyard as built    

Art installation using strategically placed mirrors to reflect work depicted in stained glass windows

Amenity Space’s Jabberwocky was a short-lived artwork for the Leeds ‘Light Night’ – an evening of installations in the city on 12 October 2007.

In a courtyard at Leeds Metropolitan University, Amenity Space installed four 600m2, 2.4m-tall plywood boxes, mirrored on two sides, each reflecting a wall of 12 stained-glass panels commissioned by and documenting the work of engineer S Pearson & Son between 1844 and 1927.

Accompanying text could only be read from the building’s interior, so mirrors were used to reflect the words into the courtyard.


  • Begun: Nov 2007
  • Completed: Nov 2007
  • Floor area: 600m2
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £1,000
  • Funding: Light Night Festival
  • Tender date: Nov 2007
  • Address: The Northern Terrace , Civic Quarter, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, LS2 8AG, United Kingdom

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