ecoLogicStudio, Turin, 2008


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Filtering light and privacy on the east entrance side 

ecoLogicStudio     Download Original

  • Filtering light and privacy on the east entrance side    
  • Negotiating privacy and light on the east entrance side    
  • The spongy north-west elevations    
  • Lightwall interior view during the day    
  • Lightwall interior view at night    
  • Lightwall detail on staircase    
  • Interior detail    
  • Opening onto the entrance corridor    
  • Lightwall interior during the day    
  • Lightwall constrcution sectional detail    
  • Lightwall constrcution drawings and matrixes    
  • Lightwall digital design, digital scenario    
  • Lightwall digital design, GC diagram of lightwall deformation in response to attractors    
  • Lightwall digital design, GC modeled carving device    
  • Lightwall digital design, site mapping of solar access and privacy gradients    
  • Lightwall testing, digital and phisical light transmission testing    
  • Lightwall block prototype    
  • 3D printed wall    
  • 3D printed wall    
  • Lightwall construction    
  • Lightwall construction, placing layer    
  • Lightwall construction, insulating and glazing    
  • Lightwall construction, layering complete    

The lightwall was designed to reinterpret the traditional thick Italian concrete wall to create an innovative new type of lightweight external wall

The concrete walls have the ability to absorb and filter heat, light and views can be changed.

Parametric modelling enabled the dense concrete walls to be constructed using a light polystyrene foam casting. The wall was constructed by a series of precast concrete blocks stacked on top of one another. Others were plugged directly from a traditional local manufacturing company. Some blocks could be constructed onsite.

After the blocks were assembled, a layer of insulation and glazing was put into place giving a smooth finish. Each block was parametrically different.


  • Begun: Sep 2007
  • Completed: Jan 2008
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £34,000
  • Procurement: Design and rapid prototyping with artistic direction of manufacturing and installation
  • Address: Viale Martiri della Liberta, Cirie, Turin, 10100, Italy

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