Granny Takes A Trip

HÛT Architects , London, 2009


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The extension glowing at night 

Hut Architects     Download Original

  • The extension glowing at night    
  • The extension from above at night    
  • The finished shop fit-out with flush finishes    
  • The transparancy between inside and outside    
  • Lower ground floor    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Rendered section    
  • Section    
  • Granny Takes A Trip model     
  • Granny Takes A Trip model     
  • Granny Takes A Trip interior model     
  • Granny Takes A Trip model     
  • Conceptual drawings    
  • Conceptual drawings    
  • The interior of the glass and timber extension,     

Renovation of a 1960s boutique for its relaunch with the addition of a timber and glass extension to the rear

Old layers of plaster and MDF were stripped back exposing the original structure of the terraced property. This space is opened up with glazed extension, enclosing the courtyard creating a light gallery space

Giant oak fins wrap over and then under the new glazed roof to control the quality of light in the gallery space, and create a distinctive element linking old and new, where original brickwork, timber and cast iron meets highly polished concrete, aluminium and sliding glass screens.


  • Begun: Sep 2009
  • Completed: 2009
  • Floor area: 100m2
  • Sectors: Retail, Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £95,000
  • Procurement: JCT Small Works Contract
  • Address: 488, Kings Road, London, SW10 0PZ, United Kingdom

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