Unit 2, The Light Works

Glas Architets, London, 2007


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  • Staircase    
  • The kitchen    
  • Interior lighting    
  • The workspace    
  • Interior view of first floor kitchen    
  • The open kitchen    
  • The old lightbulb factory is reminiscent in the details of the house    
  • Interior lighting    
  • Interior lighting    
  • The second bathroom    
  • Bathroon details    
  • The staircase    
  • The bathroom is neatly concealed under the stairs    
  • Staircase    
  • A change of scenery    
  • Lighting effects of the staircase    
  • The roof terrace    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Section A-A    
  • Section B-B    
  • Section C-C    
  • Section D-D    
  • Pre construction of the ground floor entrance    
  • Pre construction images up to the first floor    
  • Pre construction of the loft    
  • Circulation core diagram    

Transformation of a former lightbulb factory shell into a three storey live/work residence for two music recording artists

The existing narrow shell consisted of a double height ground floor space and a first floor with a mezzanine at second floor level, which led to a private roof terrace overlooking a park.

A dense vertical core was inserted to contain several functions, allowing the space of the existing warehouse to remain mostly untouched. The core encloses three separate stairs into a single circulation tower.

Polycarbonate panels are used to let ambient natural light from the perimeter windows into the bathroom. Artificial lighting is concealed under handrails, around corners and hidden in recesses to create indirect light.

Sustainable natural materials were used throughout. This included finishes such as the FSC approved American Walnut flooring, recycled glass kitchen counter top, and mineral based Eco paints; but also concealed materials like the wall insulation which is 100 per cent sheep’s wool.


  • Completed: Feb 2007
  • Floor area: 127m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £135,000
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Works
  • Address: Unit 2, The Lightworks, 31 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton, London, SW2 5EU, United Kingdom

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