A Timber Room

Unit 7, London Metropolitan University, Somerset, 2009


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Tools down at lunch 

David Grandorge (website)     Download Original

  • Tools down at lunch    
  • Phtotgraphs lie on the floor of the thermally warm space inside    
  • The sculptural interior    
  • The timber staircase    
  • Under the stairs    
  • The opaque openeing at the top of the stairs     
  • Ecobuild site plan    
  • Ecobuild upper level plan    
  • Ecobuild elevation    
  • Ecobuild seperate elevations    
  • Ecobuild section aa    
  • Ecobuild section bb    
  • Ecobuild model    
  • Different views of the Ecobuild model prototype    
  • Laser cut model showing exterior    
  • Laser cut model in context of warehouse    
  • Laser cut model in context of warehouse II    
  • Behind the scenes to the construction process    
  • More construction    
  • The different effects of natural daylighting and artificial lighting    
  • Ecobuild panel construction sequence    
  • The construction team work through the night to erect the timber structure    
  • Ecobuild side elevation    

Temporary exhibition space that creates a ‘rich sculptural interior,’ designed by students from the London Metropolitan University

The project was designed for the Ecobuild exhibition 2008, conceived as both an exhibition space and to provoke awareness of the endless possibilities of timber construction.

Constructed from Kerto S composite timber elements donated by Finnforest, the scheme was an abstraction of the archetypal timber dwelling with exposed timber framework.

The students wanted to recycle the project after the Ecobuild exhibition had finished, and wanted to reuse the building as a whole. Subsequently they met with artists Rut Blees Luxemburg and Hilary Koob-Sassen, who agreed to rebuild the scheme for them in Hadspen, Somerset.

In June 2008, the structure was transported by lorry, reassembled and added to, thereby transforming it into a visually and thermally warm space inside of an existing agricultural shed.


  • Begun: Feb 2008
  • Completed: Feb 2009
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £9,500
  • Address: Hadspen, Somerset, BA7 7LX, United Kingdom