Limehouse Warehouse Conversion

Proctor and Matthews, London, 1998


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View of interior with fish tank in background 

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  • View of interior with fish tank in background    
  • The gangway from the front door to the kitchen    
  • The ground floor kitchen    
  • The stair tower    
  • The full height void    
  • The perspex bubble window     
  • Retractable access ladder mechanism    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Section    
  • Key section, elevation and isometric detail of access ladder    
  • Plan and detail sections of access ladder    

Conversion of a three-storey, Grade II listed industrial building into a private home

The three floors are organised with master-bedroom and living room on the top floor for the best light and views, the children's bedrooms on the middle floor, and the kitchen, utility room and garage on the ground.

The floors are linked by a central stair tower and full-height shaft from the hall to the sky-light. Windows half way up allow the children to speak to each other across the void, or choose to close themselves off; a perspex bubble allows one to (stoop and) see the sculpture that will sit on the redundant corbelled bracket opposite. This shaft also allows essential stack-effect ventilation to develop.

The staircase itself rises up around a steel structure clad with plates of glass with progressively larger blue frits, as though in 'a cascade', to prepare one for the fish tank at the top. The top floor is a loft with the free-standing stair shaft, bathroom and fish tank articulating the sleeping, living, and high-level studying areas.


  • Completed: 1998
  • Floor area: 270m2
  • Sector: House
  • Address: Limehouse, London, E14, United Kingdom

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