Schreiber House, Chester

James Gowan , Chester, 1982


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View showing cantilever roof structure 

Tim Mercer     Download Original

  • View showing cantilever roof structure    
  • Side view of cantilevered roof overhang    
  • West corner showing the kitchen service entry    
  • Carved brickwork of the doorway beneath the arched soffit    
  • Staircase showing high level of detailing    
  • Bespoke detailing of bathroom cabinets    
  • Detailing of architrave designed to match skirting    
  • Columns integrated into msonry walls    
  • The perimeter floor duct    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Section through staircase    
  • Section through entrance    
  • Section through living room    
  • The steel frame being errected    
  • The garden front and view of structure. The cut in the roof provides lighting to the upper living areas    
  • Section through duct in the eaves of the roof void    
  • Section through external and terrace retaining walls    

Solid single-storey building with a high 45 degree pitched roof; contrasting with a generous amount of the ground floor glazing

The entrance to the house is in the centre of an asymmetrical plan. The small lobby which contains a coat space and shelving leads to the central hallway. The staircase separates the lobby from the living area beyond.

On the ground floor are the master bedroom, a study space living and dining areas. The hollow of the roof connects to the first floor landing which are lit by two clerestory windows in the ridge apex. This area is usually for guests and acts as the family library.

The interior is clad with brick walls with special wide stone sills and deep jamb reveals. Details of the finishes include plastic forms around the brick piers to the entry of the house and moulded stone bases to the columns.


  • Completed: 1982
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £100,000
  • Address: Greenbank, Eaton Road, Chester, CH4 7EH, United Kingdom

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