Mound Stand, Lord's Cricket Ground

Hopkins Architects, London, 1987


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The new stand curves around the ground 

Dave Bower     Download Original

  • The new stand curves around the ground    
  • The stand at full capacity    
  • Top level members area     
  • Full southern elevation and entrance to colonnade    
  • Elevation from St John    
  • First phase extensio of a vestigial colonnade into a galleria    
  • View of southern end of stand seen from access bridge    
  • Horizontal boom extending over glass screen    
  • New seating and railing on existing Victorian terrace     
  • The new colonade with remodelled accomodation    
  • Kitchen space on roadside elevation    
  • Internal view of corridor between private boxes    
  • Location plan    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground level floor plan    
  • Terrace level floor plan    
  • Lower promenade floor plan    
  • Mezzanine level floor plan    
  • Upper promenade floor plan    
  • Section    
  • Structural diagram    
  • Isometric of major structural bay     
  • Early research model    
  • Competition stage concept drawings    
  • Early development drawings of roadside elevation    
  • Second level private boxes perspective    
  • Top floor members area perspective    
  • Lower promenade beams hung from the spine girder    
  • Facetted spine girder being hoisted into place    
  • Rear girders being positioned     
  • Lower promenade beams under construction    
  • Principle storey rib beams under construction    
  • Phase two upper structure under construction    
  • Loadbearing brickwork to new roadside elevation    
  • Detailed section through roadside elevation    

Restoration, remodeling and extension of existing tiers and arcade incorporating new members area, private boxes, service spaces and roof top terrace restaurant

The brick arcade of the original 19th century Mound Stand was retained and extended, making the underside an attractive and usable public concourse. The seating tiers on the mound were renewed.

A new steel superstructure is supported on six columns to minimise disruption to views. The columns are linked by a plate girder, from which lattice trusses cantilever out forming the skeleton of a three-storey structure, which hovers over the mound below.

Private boxes and dining rooms hang below the skeleton, while service rooms occupy the space between the ribs. A tier of raked seating backed by open-air restaurants and bars sits on top.

The six columns continue up to become masts supporting a canopy of PVC-coated, polyester fabric. The whole structure is held back by tension members anchored to the ground and strapped to the brick piers below to stiffen them.

As cricket is played only in the summer, the building is unheated and uninsulated. The finishes are simple and unadorned. The private boxes have folding, frameless glass doors opening onto a raking balcony facing the wicket, with party walls of fairfaced concrete blockwork and rear walls, onto the corridor, of glass blocks in full-height panels.


  • Begun: Sep 1985
  • Completed: Jun 1987
  • Floor area: 5,505m2
  • Total cost: £4.5M
  • Procurement: Management Fee
  • Address: Marylebone Cricket Club, Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood, London, NW8 8QN, United Kingdom

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