Maggie's Centre, Dundee

Gehry and Partners, Dundee, 2003


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'The roof is everything' and consists of a series of intersecting stainless-steel-clad folded planes that terminate in dramatically cantilevered overhangs 

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  • View towards centre    
  • The centre at night    
  • Roof detail    
  • Communal space    
  • The stair leads to an upstairs seating area    
  • The tower contains a library    
  • The lobby opens onto an external seating area    
  • The common room    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Roof plan     
  • Section A-A    
  • Detail    
  • Detail    

Two-storey white rendered masonry structure with elliptical tower and timber pitched roof at multiple angles, clad in stainless steel

Unlike the conversions of Maggie's Glasgow and Edinburgh, this was the first new-build Maggie's Centre.

Maggie's Dundee was inspired by the design of historic simple Highland dwellings known as Brochs. A cylindrical form 'borrowed' from that house type became the ideal space for the Centre's library with the addition of small sitting room above it. Except for this sitting room, the rest of the building is on one level with an open-plan kitchen and dining area, a large sitting room, and smaller rooms for one-to-one sessions.

Externally, the roof is enveloped in folded metal; the inspiration of the folds of a dutch hat worn by a girl in a Vermeer painting. There is a walkway leading off from the kitchen area which goes out on stilts above the side of the valley so visitors can go out and take in the view.

The Maggie's Centre at Dundee features a garden by landscape designer Arabella Lenox-Boyd. Dramatic stepped earthworks are set around a new 33m diameter labyrinth which visually links the hospital to the Maggie’s Centre. This new landscape acts as an amphitheatre-like place for contemplation, with the aim that centre visitors, children and families can find both peace and amusement walking through its complex curves and paths.


  • Begun: Apr 2002
  • Completed: 2003
  • Floor area: 214m2
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Total cost: £932,000
  • Tender date: Feb 2002
  • Procurement: Construction management
  • Address: Maggie's Dundee, Ninewells Hospital, Tom McDonald Avenue, Dundee, DD2 1NH, United Kingdom

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