Anderton House Renovation

Aldington & Craig, Barnstaple, 2003


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Anderton House has a new lease of life as a holiday home let for the Landmark Trust 

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  • Anderton House has a new lease of life as a holiday home let for the Landmark Trust    
  • West gable of the house, with terrace and pool extending from the living room    
  • Anderton House and it    
  • Looking from the living room to the kitchen and dining area past the study cube    
  • The cylinder contains a bathroom and cloakroom    
  • Section aa    
  • View into the living area    
  • The two smaller bedrooms have low timber ceilings, which allows for loft storage in the volume above    
  • View from the entrance through to the living room    
  • The third bedroom, with built-in desk and clerestory lighting    
  • The living room looks out onto the Devon countryside    
  • View into the living room    
  • Kitchen and dining area    
  • Floor plan    
  • Section A-A    

Renovation of three-bedroom bungalow in a small Devon village

This little building, a three-bedroom bungalow has been transformed from a family home to a piece of 'architectural heritage' through the agency of the Landmark Trust.

Upon entrance to the house, you find yourself on an upper level with bedrooms and bathroom arranged along a short passage glazed with white diffusing plyglass. The kitchen, dining and study areas are on the same level, modest and snug. Following a side cut and four steps down you find the living area, fully glazed and level with the garden.

This sequence is organised with picturesque contrasts of enclosure and openness, obscurity and light – the sort of contrasts one expects to find in a garden.


  • Completed: 2003
  • Sector: House
  • Address: Anderton House, Goodleigh, Barnstaple, EX32 7NR, United Kingdom

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