Florida Southern College

John McAslan + Partners, Florida, 2001


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North facing facade 

George Cott (website)     Download Original

  • North facing facade    
  • Ground floor covered walkway showing aluminium columns    
  • Original esplanade with linked roof    
  • Replaced concrete textile blocks    
  • Internal view of first floor walkways    
  • New service ducts clearly visible in the central atrium    
  • Newly reformed western perimeter    
  • Site plan    
  • First floor plan after refurbishment    
  • Second floor plan after refurbishment    
  • Cross section after refurbishment    
  • First floor plan before refurbishment    
  • Second floor plan before refurbishment    
  • Cross section before refurbishment    
  • Frank Lloyd Wright on site    
  • Student working on the orginal 1958 building    
  • Original biumen covered flat foor prior to refurbishment     
  • Model of new esplanade    
  • Original plan and section of esplanade by Frank Lloyd Wright    
  • Reinforcement corrosion damage    
  • Cut away isometric of roof deck and column    
  • Section and plan through new esplanade    

Restoration and repair of Frank Lloyd Wright's 1958 Polk County Science Building, including reconfiguration of internal spaces

The repair of the external envelope and making the building watertight formed the first phase of works. In two further phases, the internal layout was substantially amended, while extensive new services required were arranged so as not to impact on the building's look.

The first floor and central block of accommodation, serving biology and chemistry teaching, have been radically reshaped to provide individual offices for staff, while redundant areas have been removed and the western perimeter reformed to create a continuous run of laboratories along the building's edge.

The second floor level has new internal bridges to assist in easy access, with a further run of laboratories stacked above those on the first floor. The basement level of the building had to be substantially extended to provide the space required for new services. All offices and classrooms are air-conditioned, while laboratories require energy-intensive ventilation.

Inside the building, service ducts are frankly exposed, their gleaming casings contrasting with Wright's solid masonry. Although the addition of new equipment at roof level makes a strong impact on the external appearance of the building, the building is now equipped to cope with future change


  • Begun: 1996
  • Completed: 2001
  • Floor area: 5,574m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Total cost: £6.8M
  • Address: 111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland, Florida, FL 33801, United States

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