House, Redclife

Sophie Warren/ Johnathon Mosley, Bristol, 2002


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Roof during the day 

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  • Roof during the day    
  • Roof in the evening    
  • External view    
  • View from indoors looking outside    
  • Inside wall    
  • Indoors, window above stairs    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor    
  • First floor    
  • Second floor    
  • Section    

House in a Bristol suburb which builds on themes from earlier artist/architect collaborations to make a subtle but functional domestic design

The house, in Redclife, Bristol, is a composite of memories and associations. The clearest example of the borrowing of an element lies in the use of black timber-boarding, homage to a nearby, 19th century boat shed.

Boarding appears in the lower section of the facade (forming the garage and front doors), and then reappears on the top floor to form an outer fence for the roof-top garden and cabin-like cladding for the single, top-floor room. The black, timber-clad, top-floor room is set back, so as to leave a narrow terrace between it and the rest of the west facade, with parapets on either side and a shallow overhang.

Among the most significant influences on architects Warren and Mosley’s work are the paintings of Edward Hopper. What's more, the building site effectively became an extension of their studio, hosting an unfolding dialogue on the relationship between architecture, time and the body. Overall, the house is diverse, so far comprising anything from low-key urban interventions and documentation to gallery-based video and model installations, involving sound and lighting.


  • Completed: 2002
  • Sector: House
  • Address: 2 Alfred Place, Redcliffe, Bristol, BS1 6ST, United Kingdom

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