Embankment Place

Terry Farrell and Partners, London, 1990


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View from across the Thames  

Peter Cook     Download Original

  • View from across the Thames     
  • Riverside facade at night    
  • One of the four core towers viewed from the park    
  • Main vehicle access dressed up as a Classical gateway    
  • Villiers Street facade broken down into three distinct components    
  • Villiers Street elevation with a station entrance under the clock    
  • Main office entrance    
  • Steel lattice across curtain wall of riverside elevation    
  • Detail of different materials on riverside elevation    
  • A lift tower seen over the neighbouring buildings    
  • Pedestrian walkway overlooking Villiers Street    
  • The waterfall in the entrance foyer    
  • View through one of the lightwells    
  • Staff restaurant and atrium cafe    
  • Internal view of restaurant    
  • Internal view of open plan office    
  • Internal view of top floor with arched curtain wall    
  • Internal view of boardroom    
  • Internal view of the kitchens    
  • Internal view of toilet facilities    
  • The lower level train platform    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Level two floor plan    
  • Level seven floor plan    
  • Office floor layout    
  • Part floor plan showing fit-out    
  • Long section    
  • Riverside elevation section    
  • Design evolution sketch    
  • Form development sketch    
  • Rationale behind the plan sketch    
  • Rationale behind the plan diagram    
  • Redevelopment proposal perspective    
  • Air flow through the building sketch    
  • Different desk layouts    
  • Construction of the aluminium clad arch on the south elevation    
  • Detail of isolation bearings    
  • Detailed section through the arch    
  • Isometric of arch and walkway    
  • Detailed section through walkway    

Redevelopment of Charing Cross train station incorporating new offices and retail space

Embankment Place is a major multi-dimensional development complex using the air rights over Charing Cross Station in Central London on the River Thames. Large uninterrupted office floor plates rising nine storeys over the tracks use a very innovative and ambitious structural approach to achieve large scale development.

Retail and restaurant accommodation is distributed in the vaults below the station and in a new infill building which completes the streetscape to the adjoining Villiers Street.

A further area of retail has been inserted under the Hungerford Railway Bridge framed by two new Porticos that act as vehicular entrances to the development, giving it a presence on the major thoroughfare of Northumberland Avenue.


  • Begun: 1985
  • Completed: Nov 1990
  • Floor area: 35,000m2
  • Sectors: Office, Retail, Transport
  • Total cost: £100M
  • Address: 1 Embankment Place, London, WC2N 6DX, United Kingdom

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