The Grange

Donald Insall Associates, Thomas Ford & Partners, Kent, 2006


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The south elevation after restoration 

Dennis Gilbert (website)     Download Original

  •  The south elevation after restoration    
  • View from garden after restoration, with garden    
  • The Grange seen from the west, with its original unobtrusive entrance    
  •  View towards the adjacent church    
  • Edward Pugin’s covered way has been retained on the north side of the house    
  • View from the top of The Grange’s tower    
  • View overlooking Kent    
  • External view of The Grange from across the road    
  • Pugin    
  • The dining room today    
  • Looking east from the  hall, with its new wallpaper    
  •  View from the library  to the sitting room    
  • The restored library    
  • Pugin’s bedroom after restoration    
  • The breakfast room    
  • Site plan     
  • Ground floor plan after restoration    
  • North-west elevation    
  • North-east elevation    
  • South-west elevation    
  •  Ground floor plan before restoration    
  • Pugin’s vision for the Ramsgate site in a painting of 1849    
  • Image of the north front before work began    
  • The dining room (with later wallpaper)    
  • West wall of Pugin    
  • South wall of Pugin’s library (note the later fireplace)    
  • Wallpaper fragment from the drawing room    
  • Stone repair detail    
  • Window section    
  • Section through walkway    

Restoration of a Grade I listed building designed and lived in by Augustus Pugin

The Grange, as restored, is a result of extensive reconstruction and replacement of stonework. The parapet of the tower was entirely rebuilt, as were the chimney stacks. Other stonework was retained and repaired wherever possible, but much was beyond repair.

As part of the project, the roof was returned to its original, double-ridged profile (lost in 1904), with bargeboards firmly attached by reinstated ‘tusk tenons’ in the Pugin manner.

Furniture of suitable character was assembled by Landmark’s furnishing team. Internal decor was reinstated, using machine-printed wallpaper featuring Pugin’s motto, ‘En Avant’, and black martlet emblem. Doors were replicated to the original pattern by John Hardman Studios, which manufactured the long-lost originals.

The library shelving was reinstated and the painted ceiling in this room restored, serving as a model for the restoration of the damaged ceilings to the sitting room and dining room. Pugin’s private chapel has been maintained as a ‘quiet space’. The altar was removed to the Pugin Chantry in St Augustine’s in 1930 and a timber replica was made.


  • Begun: Jan 2004
  • Completed: Jul 2006
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £2M
  • Tender date: 1996
  • Address: St Augustine's Rd, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9PA, United Kingdom

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