Garden Studio

Klaentschi and Klaentschi Architects, Wiltshire, 2005


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The Garden Studio 

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  • The Garden Studio    
  • The door to the studio is five metres tall    
  • The studio sits in the garden of the client    
  • Interior finish of the studio    
  • Subtly merging into the garden    
  • Location plan    
  • Plan    
  • Section    
  • Sketch plan    
  • Sketch    
  • Development image    
  • The idea of the ley line, reflected in the     
  • The idea of the ley line, reflected in the     
  • Key details of studio    
  • Details of door    

Small studio building, with a five-metre-high door, situated in the garden of the client's home

Located in the garden of a listed brick manor house, the house replaced an earlier flat-roofed studio, which was largely hidden by a brick garden wall that formed part of its structure. Although retaining a strip of this flat room adjacent to this wall, the new roof slopes directly above it and is clearly visible.

Seen from the house side (the east) the new roof's rainscreen cladding of rusting mild steel plates blends with the colour of the existing masonry, and in silhouette echoes the steep pitches of the clay-tiled house roof.

The north wall of the studio is existing masonry with rusting steel-plate cladding, the plates neatly rounded at each horizontal joint. The other walls are sheer planes of stainless steel and frameless glazing; fixings countersunk to emphasise the prismatic geometry.

On the west facade the stainless-steel plane rises to six metres including a five-metre-high door. The hinges of the door are purpose-designed, and the operating mechanism comes from a company dealing in large hanger doors.

Inside there is a stainless-steel toilet/shower pod, a sculpted workbench and laser-aligned untreated birch ply lining panels with precise gap joints. A studio rooflight provides natural light.


  • Begun: Sep 2003
  • Completed: 2005
  • Floor area: 25m2
  • Sector: House
  • Tender date: Jul 2003
  • Procurement: Based on JCT 80 Minor Works
  • Address: Wiltshire, SP1, United Kingdom

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