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National Mining Museum Scotland, Midlothian by Purcell (2013)

2 Westbank Close, Derby by HarmerFitz (2013)

Sea Park Road, Belfast by Neil Mathews Architects (2013)

Gleneagles House, Gleneagles by Hall McKnight (2013)

Dorset Road, London by Sam Tisdall Architects (2013)

Black Box, Dalston by Form_art Architects (2013)

The Tree House, London by 6a architects (2013)

14a London Street , Hampshire by Design ACB (2013)

Art, Villes & Paysage, Amiens by NineteenEightyOne (2013)

Yerbury Primary School, London by Peter Morris Architects (2013)

Pallet Pavilion, Newcastle upon Tyne by Newcastle University Pallet Pavillion Team (2013)

The Noust Boathouse, Isle of Tiree by Tog Studio (2013)

Boxwood , Beckley by Walker Bushe Architects (2013)

UCL Student Common Room /New Hall, London by Paul Murphy Architects (2013)

Hackney Townhouse, London by ZS Architects (now amalgamated to form ZCD Architects) (2013)

Dartmoor Arts Pavilion 2013, Exeter, Devon by Jerry Tate Architects (2013)